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Aegiali is the northern port of Amorgos, and is located within a large bay, surrounded by the villages of Tholaria, Langada and Potamos, with views of the uninhabited islets of Nikouria and Keros, and neighbouring Naxos.

Aegiali beach is one of the most popular on the island. It is about 1km long and sandy, studded with tall tamarisk trees that offer pleasant shade. Several bars, cafés and restaurants can be found on the concrete promenade.

The smaller beaches of Levrossos, Psili Ammos and Hochlakas, on the northern side of Aegiali bay, are easily accessible on foot, along a scenic footpath, or by boat from the port.

Agios Pavlos beach is 5 km south of Aegiali, and is accessible by car or by bus, on the Chora-Katapola route. There is a regular boat service from Agios Pavlos to the uniquely beautiful beaches of the uninhabited islet of Nikouria.



Tips to do in Aegiali

Amorgos is an ideal destination for hikers. Three of the island's signposted trails are located in or start from Aegiali, and are perfect for both easy walks and more demanding hikes.

Aegiali has a travel and tourism office that specializes in hiking tours and specialized activities such as botanical tours, fishing, donkey rides and local cooking lessons. The island’s diving centre is also located on Aegiali beach, offering a host of options for marine enthusiasts.

The three traditional mountain villages of Potamos, Langada and Tholaria are just a short distance from the coastal settlement, and are ideal for relaxed explorations with beautiful views. The picturesque cobbled streets offer various choices for dining and entertainment, traditional cafés, tavernas and pastry shops.